Sunday, 10 January 2021

When Times are Tough have a chat with Friends!-goodies to be won!

 Hi All

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Times are hard now but why not escape and have a chat with some Friends!

Here at Time Out we have been having monthly zoom meetings and yesterday we had our 4th get together.

Have a read and not only will you get a hint of our next challenge but answer our question and a goodies bag could be your's!!

9 of us made it-Sandie, Lynn, Joyce, Ishani, Stephanie, Kim, Shauna, Lisa and Nonni-have a look:

Teamies from all around the world chatting!

We don't just talk 'cards' we talk about anything we want and get to know each other more.
Here are a few things we learnt about each other yesterday:

-The Orchestra Performance was stressful but a success!
-the winter and summer clothes wardrobes are swapped every year!
-the Funky Fossil release is soon and hubby hungry as it is lunchtime where I am!!
-some Indian culture and little boys go to bed late!
-Beach house at the weekends!
-not crafting so much but sewing lot!!
-new kitten exhausting!
-their Parent's first date!
-rage crafting is a new thing and making woollen hats!

So now we know more about 'US' and in our next challenge you will see we want to know more about 'You' in card form!!

Question for goodies bag (pretty easy for most of you!!)

Which 2 team members are related and how?
Leave your comment below and we will do a random draw on Sat 23rd 7am GMT!!


  1. Such a lovely post and so interesting. We use this type of getting together a lot lately, because we have so many lockdowns here.
    I think Lynn and Sandie are cousins, so interesting to read your story, Sandie. My mum has the same condition.
    Crafty hugs xx

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    1. Sandie and Lynn related for sure, sister-in-laws??

    2. We are first cousins :)

  3. So lovely to see you all DTs together in one frame having a chat.

  4. What a fun way to connect with your teammies and great way to get to know each other! I remember reading that Sandie and Lynn are cousins.

  5. The smiles say it all! How wonderful that you have - and enjoy - your Zoom meetings! I believe Sandie and Lynn are cousins. In fact, I think all nine of you are related - in your passion for crafting *grin*

  6. You can see from the photo that Sandie and Lynn are related, you look alike! I believe you are cousins. X

  7. So fun for us all to "be together"! I am thankful for this fabulous group of teammates!

  8. How fun to get together through these weird and crazy times...such a great way to connect with laughter and tales. I didn't know you have cousins on the team...but I see that Lynn and Sandie are just that. I am relatives of mine are cardmakers. Thank you for the giveaway. Not sure I qualify because I didn't know the answer, but it was still a fun game. Stay healthy and creative!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  9. I'll bet that was a super fun chat! Friends and laughter are such a huge part of getting through these crazy days.
    As for the relatives - Lynn and Sandie are cousins!

  10. What a fun thing to do!
    I believe Sandie and Lynn are cousins

  11. Awesome challenges, I believe Sandie and Lynn are cousins.

  12. I see from Sandie's story on her blog that she is Lynn's cousin.
    I like your tip about doing whatsapp voice messages for the group - perfect for when we are spread across the world.

  13. Bios give it away...
    Sandie & Lynn are cousins

    Looking forward to another year of stampin fun. Zoom calls fill a gap and love that it lets us connect all around the world!! But looking forward to being face to face son lives in Long Island NY and I haven't seen him in person for over a year!! Our trip in June was canceled because of shut down as well as our Thanksgiving and Christmas get is sooo sad!!!

  14. I love that you all got together and had a good old natter about such a lot of different things! See how bonding crafting is even when we're not crafting!
    Sandie and Lynn are cousins of course! Vicky x

  15. I have a group of people in the apartment building I live in that get together via Zoom every Monday morning for "coffee". Our province is in a code red lockdown so we are not able to visit in person so this is a wonderful way to keep in touch & check to be sure everyone is ok. Our family also did Christmas via Zoom....not quite the same but better than nothing! Sandie & Lynn are cousins. Hugs, Renee

  16. I love that you gals get together! How lovely and so fun to learn some more about you ladies!!! Sandie and Lynn are cousins :)

  17. Sandie & Lynn are cousins. You have the same smile. But Kim and Lisa, You look alike on this photo too. :)
    Hugs, Valerija

  18. Sandie and Lynn are cousins. It sounds like you all love crafting and enjoy each other's comapny. Such a great group! Cheers, MK

  19. Sandie and Lynn are cousins. I love using Zoom. It's been more than a year since we've seen our sons and at least we can Zoom every now and then. Stay safe!

  20. That looks like such fun. Some of my friends also zoom chat - but we haven't zoom crafted.
    I'm wondering what "rage crafting" is -- but I have some ideas. :)
    Stay well everyone.

  21. This is such a warm post.. So good to see all of you together.. All the power to you talented ladies.. 😍 😍

  22. Lol... looks like I am late to the party...Sandie and Lynn are cousins... I remember Sandie mentioning it once while chatting. So great to see this virtual meetup. It would have been great if you had put the names in sequence, so we could see whos who...

  23. Well I had no idea Lynn and Sandie are cousins! How lovely that you all had a zoom meeting together!

  24. I am obviously a rubbish Sherlock cos I couldn't find the info in your bio's. Obviously not looking in the right place. But I see there are some good detectives here. Fun game. Glad you ladies had a chance to chat. Take care. Be safe. Hugz

  25. It is wonderful that we can catch up even though we are separated, especially in these times. It is always fun and often surprising, to find out more about people as friendships develop. Great to see you all enjoying a catch up. It is a clever idea for this challenge and one that will be interesting to watch what is entered. I love joining is you challenges. Good luck for the new year and take care. Cheers :) :)

  26. This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here! Alternativ till BC

  27. Oh how fun to see and talk together!! Life is so different now and this is how I meet up with my local groups as well. I'm glad your group can meet up this way so as to keep up all together!! Crafting is a passion and it helps when you have friends to do it with...even relatives!!
    I would guess that Sandie and Lynn are cousins.